The Gingerbread Man action game

Story timee!!! 
and… action time!!

After reading or working the traditional folktale of the Gingerbread Man, I strongly recommend the following self-made boardgame to learn the action verbs through movement and fun! 

The idea is that each child plays the action that he or she gets in each turn, that is to say, if the action is «dance», they have to pretend that they dance, in order to show that they understood the word. If not (or if they do the wrong action), they have to go backwards. The first one to finish obviously wins 🙂 

If you’re interested in working this story with your children, you may also find useful the characters flashcards that I also share below. This has nothing to do with the boardgame, the cards are just thought to work the vocabulary of the story.


Other ideas:

1) Story sequencing

2) Making up an end or a different end of the story

3)The Gingerbread Man song (also about actions): or

4) Action verbs vocabulary (to learn before the boardgame! )

5) Baking and decorating a Gingerbread Men (if possible!)

6) Role play masks + role play 

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